Order of St. Lazarus
The Grand Priory of Great Britain
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Being a Companion of the Order of Saint Lazarus

The vocation of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem is to care for the most disadvantaged whilst working for Christian unity in a spirit of chivalry. Members of the Order undertake these responsibilities with a solemn and permanent commitment, which is not necessarily appropriate for all who would support such ideals.

Companions 'walk alongside the Order' without the obligations imposed by membership but subscribing to the spirit of its Constitutional Charter and International Regulations.

Companions may be:

Companions support the members of the Order and their mission, for example by:

Companions are invited to attend events of the Order and encouraged to engage socially or professionally with members they encounter.

Companionship is normally arranged by mutual agreement with the local Head of Jurisdiction after a meeting and correspondence. All that is required is a letter of intent, indicating motivation and including full contact details and any other relevant personal information. There are no fees.

Companions are formally received with the issuing of a Latin brevet attesting their status, signed and sealed at the Order's Grand Chancery.

Companions may, if they wish, wear a small green eight-pointed cross as a lapel badge indicating their allegiance, and may append the letters CompLJ after their name.

Companions keep themselves informed about the Order and its activities via the local Jurisdiction to which they are attached. Their undertaking is only to act in a way which benefits or promotes the Order of Saint Lazarus.