Order of St. Lazarus
The Grand Priory of Great Britain
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Other Green Cross Associations

Besides the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem and its humanitarian identity, there are numerous other associations using similar names and symbols. These often include titles such as 'Sovereign, Reunited, Independent, Constitutional, Obedience'. Though they are not part of the Order, they observe aspects of the Green Cross tradition and usually perform some charitable work. These associations do not, however, benefit from the historic legitimacy conferred on an ancient Christian Order of Chivalry by its royal fons honorum.

The Order of Saint Lazarus continues to enjoy both the centuries-old temporal protection of the Head of the Royal House of France. The Order of Saint Lazarus was led from 2004 by a Prince of France unanimously elected by its members. The Prince is now Grand Master Emeritus of the Order.